Free and Open Source production tracking for film makers

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Attract is a simple-yet-powerful production tracking software, originally developed at Blender Animation Studio with the goal of managing Open Movie productions.

By using an extensible system of lists, a team can easily create a prop list or a shot list and and add tasks and comments as the production happens.

Thanks to its open API, Attract can be accessed and controlled via desktop software such as Blender. For example, the Blender Video Sequence Editor can be used to generate and update the shot list up to the frame.

Battle Tested, Production Proven

Attract is used in real production studios!

Shot List

Use lists to keep track of your sequences, shots and assets.

Activity Logging

An overview of the acivity for every item is available (edit, commit, ect).

Blender Integration

Use the Blender VSE to keep a shot list updated, up to the frame.

Open Source

Attract is Free and Open Source software, released under the GPL 2.

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If you want to report any problems, get involved with the development or support us in any way, please get in touch with us! Attract is mostly maintained and developed at Blender Institute. The official development happens on, where we keep track of internal issues and development targets.